Production Design Samples 2

Ran out of room on that first page! Here’s hoping this keeps happening as I keep getting to be a scenic artist for more and more projects. Hey, Did you know we have a Youtube channel now? Click here and check out all the videos I’ve been a part of, including some projects where I wasn’t scenic and ended up doing other things like grip, gaffing or cinematography. To find out more about all that, visit my crew credits page.

Kataklysm – Defiant

Scenic art including dressing and decoration. Special F/X including fog, smoke, and debris.

Judah Holiday – Good Life

Scenic art including build, dress, and decoration.

Satan – Unreleased

Scenic art including build, dress, and decoration. Weapon props, pyro props, special F/X.

Possession – Graven

Scenic art including build, dress, and decoration. Props, pyro, special F/X.

Carnifex – No Light Shall Save Us

Scenic art including pyro, miniature fabrication and f/x.

Judah Holiday – Sunshine in the Room

Scenic art including build and dress.


That’s the end of my production gallery and porfolio. If you made it this far, thank you for looking at all the cool things I’ve done. So… let’s talk about how I can build cool things for you and your next project. Have my people call your people, we’ll fax lunch!

I couldn’t figure out a good place to cram this in here, so I guess if you made it this far, here’s a shot of a 12 foot demonic muppet I made out of an abandoned couch a few years ago for a Haunted Attraction in NY called “Forest of Fear” back in 2015.


I was also responsible for the lighting effects and the set dressing. One of my favourite parts is the barbed wire halo.

Psst! Check out the production gallery for this massive build!