Crew Credits

There’s a demo reel coming here soon, until then, enjoy this video!

Jason’s life long focus on stage-crafting and production design started in his early years as he infamously became one of the youngest art directors in the history of community haunt attractions in America. Jason embraced the art of stage-craft early enough in his life to create an unorthodox production environment that fostered rapid growth and development in the field of production design while  minimizing financial impact.

Creator’s mission. Something about using my phenomenal cosmic powers for good. Don’t mention the incident in the laboratory with the flying scorpions.

I guess if I can’t serve as a warning I’m gonna lead by example.

Below is a list of all the stuff I’ve been lucky to be a part of over all of these great years. If you want to hit me up directly on Youtube, I have a playlist for my portfolio over there. Also there’s this link if you want to hit the reset button.

Shorts & Feature Lengths

Music Videos